• Jenifer Rhoden

Let the Renovation Begin...

Whew!! Getting ready for a kitchen renovation is no joke. I’ve piddled around with Pinterest for months but last night, I really honed I’m on what I’m looking for.

I’m thinking I should put the blame on Liz Marie Galvan for this whole desire to reno to start with, because ever since she started her Community Facebook Group, I’ve been sucked in and the urge to begin has been unstoppable. Check out her amazing group here


Everything here is just so inspiring.

I finally have the hubs on board and I began a 2019 Kitchen Reno board on Pinterest to collect all my thoughts and develop a plan. So, here’s a glimpse of what I have rolling around in my head so far.

One thing is clear, I don’t want it to be like everyone else’s, I want it to represent me, my husband and my kids. Clean and crisp looks good on the surface but I know it’s not going to fit our style long term, I think by incorporating some rustic farmhouse vibes we can give it a cozy, loved in vibe and that’s my hope. I want to have a kitchen/living area where my girls and all their friends can gather through the years.

First on the agenda is to finalize the color palette. I'll be back with our decision ASAP!

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